Shutterborg has a very open Plug-in API, and we're looking to allow users to create their own plug-ins. Before we go about creating a plugin database and editor, we would like your input on what you might be interested in doing with Shutterborg. Some of our ideas so far:
  • file browser / FTP client
  • image picker that uses Apache directory listings to navigate the server without the use of server-side scripts
  • embedded image editor/cropper using either canvas or the DOM
  • Are they good ideas? Maybe - but you probably have better ones. It's those ideas we would be thrilled to hear about in the comments, or feel free so send us an email at:

About :

Hy !
I love your site and I am waiting for the API ;)
I might be interested in :
- open document from the site (from the server)
- save document on the site

good continuation,
Hi Leopold,

While you wait, you can load Shutterborg with a web address:
Most online word processors lack an equation editor. The few ones that do have use LaTeX as a backend, which is a HUGE system. If you want an equation editor, perhaps you can take a look at my pet project, ReforMath, a Windows/Linux library that can convert a subset of MathML to PNG, PDF, SVG, and XAML. This can be used to create an equation editor or even a browser plugin. It's currently in beta:
Hi I am trying out Shutterborg and used the "open from web" function. I put in this URL but got gibberish displayed. Please advise. Thanks!
Hello there,
I tried out you document file and I love it so much! The only thing I have a question on is how do you save your document?

Thanks for reading my concern,
Jenna Yoo
Love the program, I woulld like to be able to embed the word processor into my site, I have a simple one running now, but cant save files with it.

If you wish to see what I mean here is an example

just scroll down a bit to see word processor
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