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As has been the intent for some time, Shutterborg is finally getting its own Blog. Since we have already developed a Content Management System that uses the editor component to create and manage live websites, it was a natural step to use that system help stay in touch with Shutterborg users. For an idea of what kind of posts will be appearing here on a regular basis, here is a quick rundown of what new things we are planning for the next release.

First off, Shutterborg will be getting FTP support. Why? What could be useful about that? We'll let you decide, but if you're currently using Dreamweaver or (heaven forbid) a Microsoft product that shall remain nameless (ms publisher), you already know why you need it. By adding FTP support to our editor, we are creating a replacement for desktop website publishing products. Since Shutterborg can already edit content, and websites should be themed using external CSS stylesheets (which we fully support), using Shutterborg to maintain a static website will be much easier when you can save directly back to your web server.

Secondly, it is a busy time here at developIT, with a bunch of new projects nearing completion - products like amoebaOS and Darkroom Gallery (link coming soon). So you might find a few references to those launches here on the Shutterborg blog.

Since time is always a concern in the internet industry, we will be keeping the updates brief yet highly informative (or at the very least, humorus). That's it for the first post, hopefully you'll stick around for the rest.

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Excellent. Really love the composing frame. Easy to use. Not as easy to save file. Need to be able to save in cloud and retrieve file - as well as to my own computer. Thanks.
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